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What are coronavirus disease-related guidelines for employers in Wisconsin?

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See full answer Reduce on-site work hours to the minimum needed to sustain operations. Restrict visitors, including suppliers and customers. Perform a workflow audit that removes instances of employees being within 6 feet of each other. Make use of telework and/or remote work options. On-site work hours should be reduced to the minimum required to sustain operations. Stagger schedules to limit the number of people congregating in an area at the same time, for example: Staggered shifts and work hours. Staggered use of shared spaces, including bathrooms, break rooms and lunchrooms. Staggered facility entry and exit procedures. Tape off 6-foot by 6-foot boxes on the floor of areas where customers queue up, such as at a check-in desk or check out-register. Increase the availability of and promote the use of curb-side pickup service. Staff up curb-side pickup service positions. Dedicate a larger portion of your parking lot to pick-up services.
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